• Senate Hearing on Citizens United

    Sign the petition to keep corporate money and secret cash out of our elections by visiting democracyisforpeople.org A recent Supreme Court decision threatens the very foundations of our democracy. By opening the floodgates to corporate spending in our elections, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission gives corporations and the mega-wealthy a disproportionate amount of political influence. As 2012 campaign spending shoots to unprecedented heights, the interests of average Americans are being drowned out by non-stop negative ads and manipulative robo-calls. A democracy for sale is not a real democracy. Fortunately, the work of nearly 2 million grassroots activists is paying off as the US Senate held a hearing to consider a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. This footage is from that hearing. We hope you enjoy it and are inspired to join the fight to take back our democracy. For more info please visit: www.DemocracyIsForPeople.org and United4ThePeople.org. Follow @RuleByUs and use and follow the hashtag #Democracy4Sale to help put a spotlight on the need for an amendment. And, like us here: www.facebook.com/DemocracyIsForPeople. Music by Dev Iyer Video Design by Neil Heckman