• Public Citizen's Robert Weissman at the Congressional Summit to overturn Citizens United v FEC

    Sign the petition: www.DemocracyIsForPeople.org if you agree that money should not equal speech and consider joining the hundreds of members of congress, state legislators, local represenatives and grassroots activists who have come out in favor of a constitutional amendment and in support of Resolutions Week (www.ResolutionsWeek.org), which is coming up on the week of June 11, 2012. Don't like the fact that after the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC ruling that opened the floodgates to unlimited political donations it's #Democracy4Sale in the USA? Then join the movement to say, "Democracy for sale?! Not in THIS town!" by visiting pubc.it TODAY! Together, we must, can and WILL pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC and restore our democracy to what it was meant to be-- for the people, by the people!