Getting Town Resolutions on the Ballot or Before Your City Council

1. Print out the agreed upon resolution language (PDF) and bring it to your town hall to check in with them about your town's process.

2. Gather signatures.  If you are in a town, you will need to gather between 10 and 25 signatures. We encourage you to make copies of this hand-out to share while you are gathering petition signatures. (PDF)

If you are in a city, (Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Dover, Franklin, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Manchester, Portsmouth, Somerswroth, or Rochester) the process may be different and they will let you know at your city hall. Some cities do not have a warrant process and you will want to work with your city council-member, selectman or alderman to introduce a resolution through your city council.

3. Submit your petition signatures.  We recommend that you get at least twice the number required to ensure that you have enough that are admissible. Remember that only signatures of citizens registered to vote in your town are valid and every page of the petition must contain the proposed resolution verbatim.

When you submit your petition form to your Town Hall be sure to get a “receipt,” something to verify that you met the required deadline.

The deadline to submit is in January or early February, but we recommend that you get it in early, as it will get colder and the holidays will make it harder to find time to gather signatures. 

4. Let us know that you submitted your signatures. Email Brian at bfarrow@citizen.org so we can update your status on the map as having submitted your signatures. Congratulations!

5. Some inspiration - See the video of one of our amazing leaders argue for the passage of a resolution before the Board of Selectmen in Newmarket.

6. Resources to help in your effort

If you have questions or need a hand getting started, call Jonah at 202-588-7749 or email him at jzern@citizen.org.