Passing Your Resolution

 In order make sure your town's warrant article is passed measures must be taken to raise awareness and garner support. Those methods include but are not limited to:

  • Hand out this flyer (edit as needed for you town)
  • Yard signs to get the issue visible
  • Inserts in community papers
  • Flier local community centers and events
  • Post cards to remind people to attend town meetings
  • Letter to the editor (here is a sample one to edit for your town)
  • Call supporters directly and get a commitment to attend town meeting
  • Prepare town meeting presentation that is considers retaliation
  • Solicit support for the petition from town officials in advance of town meetings

You can check the spreadsheet to see the warrant article number and voting date. If the warrant article and/or voting date is unavailable, call your local legislator to find out. To make sure that this information becomes easily available, email or call Brian E. Farrow at bfarrow@citizen.org or 202.588.7757.

Resources to help in your effort:

Some inspiration - See the video of one of our amazing leaders argue for the passage of a resolution before the Board of Selectmen in Newmarket.