Student Campaign

It's a movement moment. 

States and cities across the country are passing resolutions in favor of overturning Citizens United and getting big money out of politics--already 16 states and over 650 cities have acted. College and university students are now joining these states and cities, passing resolutions through their student governments calling for a constitutional amendment.

It is important that students make their voice heard now. This ruling not only affects the integrity of our elections/democracy, but also impacts the ability to pass laws on issues many students care deeply about: the environment, labor, civil rights, climate change and food issues. 

This toolkit was created to amplify the student voice nationwide by providing you with resources and tips for passing a resolution through your student government. 

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Student Training Powerpoint Presentation (PDF): Created by Public Citizen and U.S. PIRG


Everything You Need to Overturn Citizens United


Introduction (PDF)

Fact Sheet on Citizens United v. FEC (PDF)

Taking Action: Suggested Timeline (PDF)

Step One: Planning (PDF)

A. Organize a Successful Meeting

B. Build Your Team

C. Collect Petitions

D. Reach Out to Other Groups on Campus

E. Hold an Event

Step Two: Building (PDF)

A. Make a Power Map

B. Write a Resolution

C. Get Your Resolution Introduced

Step Three: Passing (PDF)

A. Continue Recruitment and Education

B. Prepare for the Vote

C. Invite the Media

D. Pass a Student Government Resolution

Making it Big (PDF)

A. Pass a Town or City Council Resolution

B. Help Pass a State Resolution

C. Gain the Support of Your Congressperson



1. Links to Additional Resources (PDF)

2. Conservative Talking Points (PDF)

3. Timeline on Corporate Personhood (PDF)

4. Social Media Guide (PDF) 

5. Petition (PDF)


6. Sample Listserv Email (PDF)

7. Sample Op-Ed Template (PDF)

8. Sample Resolution (PDF)

9. Sample Flier (PDF)