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Make New Hampshire the Next State to Call for a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United and Related Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission unleashed a flood of corporate money into our political system. The court ruled that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited amounts of money to promote or defeat candidates. The trouble is, corporations are not people, and campaign spending is not speech.

In New Hampshire, people are taking a stand to take back our democracy. The state's House of Representatives passed HCR 2, which calls on the United States Congress to amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United, take democracy off the auction block and restore constitutional rights to people - not corporations. The New Hampshire Senate, however, is refusing to hear the bill due to to a self-imposed rule that the Senate will not hear any resolution without a two-thirds vote.

If we want New Hampshire to make a statement against Citizens United, we need to take a stand and have our voices heard.

We only need two more signatures in the state Senate to make New Hampshire the 17th state. Call your senator to let her or him know you want them to sign the letter to Congress. 

You can also make the NH Senate hear your voice by writing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper!

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